Media featuring Forest Bathing and Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm

Time for some green, chlorophyllic advertisement! It’s such a joy to know that my walks within Shinrin-Yoku Sweden are shared with the world as an easy and deeply natural opportunity for people to find restoration and health. Here are 4 examples of the latest articles.

M Magazine och the Wellness Magazine Må Bra, the Garden Lifestyle Magazine; RumUte and from our lovely, neighbouring country, the great Norweigan magazine Dagens Næringsliv/D2.

A particular thanks to the amazing journalist and photoprapher Ingela Bendt, the astonoshing Karin Löfgren and Christine Busain. To all the journalists, photographers, wanderers and colleagues who shares nature connection and green reciprocal health with all who wishes to find a retreat of their own and a natural path to restoration. ?


M magasin:

Må Bra: