Shinrin-Yoku Sweden in Turkey

A wonderful collaboration of Forest Bathing Guides traveling to the  SPA Hotel NG Sapanca in Turkey. Last year Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm from Shinrin-Yoku Sweden was invited to Turkey to introduce Forest Bathing, work on the Forest Trails and create Activity Packages. This year she invited the glorious colleague Shirley Gleeson of Nature, Health and Wellbeing Ireland to join in  with her expertice to co-inspire the project. It was a few marvellous days of collaboration in Forest Bathing with very special Guests of the Hotel.

The trails are tended to in a most beautiful way and the general development and outreach is amazing. The introduction of Forest Bathing is needed in many cultures, contexts and levels of society. To share what we all have in common as living species and natural organisms on this Earth. Through this practise we reconnect to not only the living world around us, but to ourselves as well. The connection allows us to be in a reciprocal relationship with the living world, thus recognizing our shared life and interdependent nature. And this truly allows for happiness and wellbeing to arise.